Childrens Toning Shoes

Toning footwear is that footwear you can see advertised on late night television by stars and athletes which make plenty of promises which come from the advantages of using the footwear to a have an further ‘tone up’ when utilizing them. They are advertised to do this by using a style that make the footwear unstable that produces a situation that the muscles have to work harder in order to counter this unstable type of the footwear. This additional work is alleged to be the reason for this ‘tone up’. There is definitely controversy regarding if they really make that happen and two businesses have been compelled by the Federal trade Commission to offer refunds due to the insufficient research for the over-blown promises that they were making for the footwear. The footwear do appear to have some advantages for some people with some difficulties.

What about children? One manufacturer has been heavily promoting toning footwear to girls and this is not without condemnation, particularly with the concerns of body image attention and the marketing of the footwear to give a ‘tone up’. There is no research or evidence to back up or not back up the use of toning footwear in children. The feet of children really should be left to develop and grow as normally as possible without any interference from footwear of any sort. Children do need footwear, however they ought not hinder normal growth. If toning footwear is to be used in children, then they should only be used for very brief durations to vary the biomechanics as well as muscle activity in order to mix things up for variety.